Special Event Planning

Throw a special event with Trend Promotions.

There is no better way to promote your product and increase sales than to throw a spectacular special event. Special events not only attract consumers, but they also position and brand your product or service. And let’s not forget, special events are a whole lot of fun!

A successful special event creates brand excitement and instills a positive image of your product into consumers. This approach not only spikes sales the day of the event, but it also builds long term sales by creating new loyal customers that identify with your product via their positive experience.

Be aware however, a badly executed or poorly planned event can have the opposite effect.

Do not run the risk of turning a positive promotional, sales, and branding experience into a negative one. Seize the opportunity. Retain a special events professional with a proven track record.

With hands on involvement and out-of-the-box thinking, Trend Promotions has successfully pulled off virtually every crazy promotion, contest, and event imaginable.

Trend has created and run countless special events such as; Theme Parties, Grand Openings, Product Launches, Fundraisers, Company Picnics, Festivals, Concerts, and more.

Trend Promotions will custom-create a brand building special event specifically designed to create a lasting, positive impression with consumers while conveying the image you want delivered to the public. This event will create product awareness, generate brand excitement, and increase sales.

Trend wants to create your next special event!

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