Marketing & Other Services

Trend Promotions isn’t just the best organization to run your special events, hire your entertainers, and book your promotional models.

Trend can develop and run a comprehensive and exciting brand building and marketing campaign from soup to nuts.

Effective brand building programs require a host of marketing, advertising and promotional services all orchestrated to reach a common goal. The more exposures and positive contacts a consumer has with your product, the more likely it is that he or she will purchase it.

Trend Promotions offers the following additional services to deliver word of your product to the buying public. You can either benefit from these services as part of your comprehensive marketing campaign or enjoy their effectiveness “al la carte”.

  • Guerilla Marketing (street teams, event crashing, etc.)
  • Flier Distribution
  • Data Collection (surveys, email/text lists, etc.)
  • Product Sampling (on and off premise)
  • Billboard Advertising
  • Concert Production
  • Aerial Advertising
  • Video Production
  • Web Design (Belmar Design)
  • Sound & Lighting
  • Media Buying (Omni Media, LLC)
  • Promotional Product Production (t-shirts, key chains, beads, cups, etc.)
  • Food Service & Catering

Trend wants to help you build an effective marketing campaign and provide you with the tools to do so!

Trend Promotions, LLC., is licensed, bonded and fully insured. License # BW0416400

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